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Emulator fans tend to have the same problems when trying to catalogue and browse through their tons of folders full of ROMS. EmulationStation is here to solve that messy problem by making things a bit easier when it comes to organizing your emulators. It offers an intuitive, minimalist front end that lets you access all your games and machines from a single interface. It's also got crisp visuals that manage your emulators into a one pack, following salon aesthetics by using a gamepad control system.

Compatible with almost a hundred different emulators, it detects each console allowing you to scrap games you already have. What this means to you, is that you can automatically download game cases and related gaming specs from the internet for each title and convert your menu into your own complete database. One thing, though, is that you'll have to remember that the emulators themselves are not included in EmulationStation, so you'll have to link them manually through a configuration file that includes the root folder where you first installed them. Taking this into account, RetroArch would make a fine companion to EmulationStation as an all-in-one that includes several emulators in the same pack.

EmulationStation is a great way to keep your whole collection of emulators organized in one place. It's also completely customizable however you wish, so it's always going to look good on your set up. Especially when you play in fullscreen version, whether on your monitor or widescreen television. Actually, it's interface adapts to any resolution, no matter how high.
EmulationStation: all your emulators in one place

Gamers who are emulator fans tend to come across the same problem over and over again. How to organize the hundreds of emulators on your disks, which ends up being a hugely boring task especially when you consider all of the ROMs and disk units involved. In an attempt to solve this problem, and avoid your emulators from getting too messy, EmulationStation puts everything in one place. It's a frontend with one of the best interfaces out there today. Even though the process of setting things up can be tedious, the results are very well worth it.

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You have to download all emulators and games separately.

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